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Halloween - Dark Mercury x Esdeath [ Akame ga kill ]

Tags: Nude, Cosplay, Akame Ga Kill, Esdeath,

1 October 2015
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  • Aqua: Truly "cool" pic for cool girl She looks dangerous and ultra sexy This pic gave me a mixed feelings from one side this is very unexpected combination but from other this is pretty logical idea
    4 Oct 2015 10:00
  • EVA-013: YEAH That's I call a Ice ice baby ! Esdeath as Dark Mercury is bad girl who use ice as the weapon so it was obvious choice to halloween idea Would be truly amazing if the new Sailor moon anime appears really awesome super strong and interesting antagonist like Esdeath but unfortunately "Crystal" is the show of one actress she get all shine there and this is the main all antagonist and minor characters is so flat boring and personalityless. But enough about bad Aidan, Thank you so much for this...
    absolutely amazing fantastic job. I just adore it ! The 90's anime version Dark Mercury are always wins of my heart I'd be a very thankful if you keeping draw of all my requests by using old school style, I love way how you drew her body, clothes and background and this dangerous predatory look is the true pearl of this brilliant masterpiece. Bravo Aidan Just Bravo ! You are the best, you the unsurpassed master Thank you
    2 Oct 2015 21:23
  • fish1337/Don: Esdeath cosplay is nice xD good request EVA^^
    2 Oct 2015 12:17