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12 November 2015
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  • Halibelxxx: I agree. He leaves and comes back when he decides to. Hey I have patience I can wait a month. But at least an announcement saying something like "Hey guys I am going to take a break here and am going to work requests on Whentai for a little while but don't worry I will be back in a few weeks". If he was more honest with us, and not leave us in the deep blue sea, we would not be so irritated. But also you can't just come, post some requests, leave for a month. Return, post some requests, and leav...
    e again. Its sucks, his quality is very good. When this site started I was kind of pumped. This has becomes a disappointment. It truly is a shame. Do I hate Aiden? No. I know he wants his money, he needs to get paid. I understand, If you have been working for the week and your boss says he can't pay you for a month. I would be pissed too. But this stuff has to stop. Although if HK formed with Whentai, we would not have this issue. But that probably wont happen. But who knows what the future holds, maybe there will be light at the end of the tunnel. Only time will tell.
    6 Dec 2015 03:12
  • Fozzy: No offence but how about checking others pixxxs ? How you can see it's absolutely normal to other artists time to time let HK members know about their problems and explain when and why they gonna take a break and apologize for problems with new updates This is the part of their job to support connect with members, After all people comes here and paying not for announcements from admins but artists for their job But the thing that Aidan did are calling a disrespect He pretty clearly gave knows...
    how he feels about whentai members - his precious good friends and HK members - nothing worth his attention Artist with such poor attitude to own work here, to this site, to HK members shouldn't working on SMPixxx in any fucking way, definetly !
    5 Dec 2015 19:38
  • fish1337/Don: its not really his job to make that annoucenment more like the admins
    5 Dec 2015 18:34
  • Fozzy: Oh it's so sweet HK members must goes to whentai visit your page there to learn something about your plans around this site You are so fucking busy with commissions from whentai members and have no time to make a little annonce that you just taking a break and will resume frequent posting on january here But this situation is clearly shown us you has lost all respect for HK members You gonna comeback here in january make few updates and then what ? Take another long break without any explanati...
    ons and annonces to make happy yours friends from whentai while HK members have two choices Or keep waiting for few years when you'll be so kind to make their suggestion or go with their requests from the suggestion box to whentai and pay you commissions for these requests. Right Aidan? Make all HK members a big favor Leave SailorMoonPixxx Ask HK boss to replace you here If whentai and hkey are partners then they are may there find a new artist for SMpixxx to replace you Maybe new artist won't be so cool like you but maybe this guy will be cares of this site more than you and respect HK members more than you Aidan go to whentai and leave SMpixxx alone for sake this site and people who paying here
    5 Dec 2015 15:53
  • Halibelxxx: I don't know what the hell is going on but this is some serious bull. Left in the dust yet again. Aiden will come back, when is the question. But we could get a direct answer from asking him on his page on Whentai. If he does not come back, He has lost all respect from us. If he does come back. We want an explanation.
    2 Dec 2015 00:38
  • EVA-013: Be honest I don't get reason of the existence of some pixxx where hadn't been any new updates for a few weeks and especially when artist who must leading on this pixxx is pretty active somewhere else and have no time and wish work here no offense Aidain but What the fuck is this?
    29 Nov 2015 08:59
  • Celto: As much as it's okay for Aidan to draw art on Whentai, an update on the current situation would be the least we deserve right now.
    23 Nov 2015 22:38
  • phextens: Looks like a fun party.
    13 Nov 2015 06:27
  • 5ive: YEAH Animal Party hard ! Girls looks ultra sexy with these animal accessories Thank you so fucking much Aidan for this Halloween present
    12 Nov 2015 18:28