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Santa's Lil' helper

Tags: Setsuna Meioh,

13 December 2015
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  • Fozzy: Even if lexus and Joe be cool with drawing on other pixxxes but seems they do not interesting to make pics here Jeez nobody doesn't interesting to drawing for this site ! And even if Joe or Lexus will draw here temporarily but they won't be working with members requests in anyway. And how many members will be interesting in pixxx where the suggestion box is just waste of space ? Actually I completely agree with Nickky, SMpixxx must be closed for own sake because everything that going on here...
    lately is just the disrespect the insulting the cheating and pissing of all members who still has interesting in this site
    2 Jan 2016 07:14
  • Halibelxxx: Agreed, But let us not see this site close, Maybe Joe or Lexus would be willing to draw here temporarily, They seem to be cool with drawing on other pixxxes.
    2 Jan 2016 04:08
  • Nickky: Nothing personal Aiden but what that mean " I wanna be scheduled in Bleachpixxx next but manager isn't around yet so I might be stuck here for a while" how about remember or stuck with your almost dead home site, finally? The four artists make illustrations for FTpixx three artists for Bpixxx and no one for SMpixxx that supposed to be a your site after all ! But if you don't like and do not want drawing for SMpixxx then ask your manager to close this site Stop lying teasing and trolling members...
    who still interesting in SMpixxx
    2 Jan 2016 02:03
  • Sedrick: Honestly I start thinking that HKey already fired Aidan. Since 13 November he did drew only 5 pics for two sites It's the worse result among all artists and just ridiculous and that's why HKey have enough reasons to stop have any deals with him and stop paying him once and forever I guess whentai is only one site where Aidan still keep drawing hentai for money
    1 Jan 2016 21:38
  • Halibelxxx: Ok this is some serious bull. Aiden comes back... Ok, Great. But then leaves and goes to One Piece Pixxx, I will give him a free pass. One Piece Pixxx could use change of pace. But then he goes and leaves again into the deep blue sea. Come on dude, This needs to stop. All we want are some bloody pictures. It would be nice if Aiden would at least post a picture every two days. That would be tolerable. Is that too much for you dude? Help us out here. Stop leaving us waiting forever for you come ba...
    ck and then post 2 or 3 pics and leave.
    30 Dec 2015 03:10
  • Huston7: So this site are supposed to being a zombie now ? Somebody who technically is dead but still walking without any reason of exist and thinking but with only one instinct to eat and attacking everything that still alive, in case of this site to eat members money that they pay to artists who still support their sites an alive
    29 Dec 2015 17:26
  • Zoomer: @Fozzy I open one little secret HKey gave the freedom for artists to choose which site to work and started all these freelance stuff because some artists wasn't happy and interesting to work with one limited base characters. That's isn't a big surprise when some artists stopped cares of their primary sites after getting the freedom If you want to see your SailorMoon request be done that much then maybe you should go to Fanpixxx and put that request there. Four artists lexus Yaichi Joe and Ferds...
    is open for any anime and games requests on Fanpixxx It's a way better than attacking or forcing artist to start working on site that he doesn't interesting or like anymore And I think very soon Aidan will be join to Fanpixxx group to because pixxx site, where the suggestion box is the useless device where is a very huge plot hole with new updates like 3 pics on 1.5 month because artist lost all his passion wish and interest to drawing here, won't be bring any money and HKey won't be have no choice except to close this site and Aindan would be looking another pixxx site for drawing to keep getting money from HKey
    24 Dec 2015 17:18
  • Fozzy: So Aidan you may deliver here only three pics for December any member's request wasn't fulfilled over one month and half Sailormoonpixxx is not pixxx anymore thank for such perfect service But this is not over yet and you planning continue to freelancing the every pixxx site and keep ignore SMpixxx few month yet or maybe forever Seriously Aidan why do you still here? Right now it's the 100% confirmed fact You doesn't cares of this site and you haven't any interes to keep drawing here then wh...
    y you still didn't asked HK bosses to find a new artist for SMpixxx and replace you for obvious reasons Marry Christmas
    22 Dec 2015 08:01
  • Celto: Really hoping you'll go to Fairy Tail Pixxx at some point. Your art is wasted on Whentai.
    13 Dec 2015 20:21
  • fish1337/Don: Pluto is always hot and i can't wait for you one piece pixx i hope we will see some hot nami stuff^^
    13 Dec 2015 19:07
  • phextens: Not usually a fan of Pluto, but I like this. The expression and pose is a win. 5/5
    13 Dec 2015 18:42