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90's Usagi

Tags: Usagi, Sailor Moon, Booty,

17 June 2015
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  • sailormoonpixxx: <strong>oh you're too kind :)</strong>
    18 Jun 2015 13:10
  • sailormoonpixxx: <strong>well, when I applied as artist here on pixxx site, I presented 2 styles of drawings, sadly my 90's style was rejected and said that I should go with crystals, my drawing back then was awful compared now so I understand, but since I've been drawing almost everyday and I think I have practiced enough to be confident to show this style to you guys, And I really appreciate the feedback :). And yes I will take note of that request </strong>
    18 Jun 2015 13:07
  • EVA-013: It's pretty decent and magnificent pic Aidan and I have no idea why you thinking that you bad in drawing 90s style chicks By the way could you do a 90s style DarkMercury ?
    17 Jun 2015 17:46
  • spike1941: Both styles are valid for me
    17 Jun 2015 14:00