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Behind Gryffin-doors

Tags: Naru, Umino,

3 November 2015
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  • SailorMutt: genius! my two favourite franchises combied
    4 Oct 2016 05:06
  • Kyon008: Thank you very very much Aidan for this magical magnificent piece of art Love her expression and body proportions Thank
    8 Nov 2015 05:47
  • ChiaraMina: 300 REQUESTS?!? !!? OH GOD ...... (AHAHAHAH) ... But then, if there was this second artist, you might as well give it a thought above, the fact of requests for free in a year, right?
    4 Nov 2015 18:15
  • Chaos: Because even people who paid for pics can't get it in time Right now there is 40 Halloween requests and over 300 requests waiting in his list If Aidan gonna do not more 20 pics per month then we'll enjoy Halloween themed pics to next year and if today you'll be make request in the suggestion box then you can get it on summer 2017 And after that you asking why that in a time of the year requests can be made free? This site definitely needs a second artist but right now haven't any guarantee to...
    Aidan won't be leave this time in future
    4 Nov 2015 15:04
  • spike1941: Hi Aidan, do you have a different nickname in whentai?
    4 Nov 2015 10:54
  • ChiaraMina: Aidan, why does not it do that in a time of the year, requests can be made free? Because not everyone can pay Hentaikey xD
    4 Nov 2015 04:35