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Bitch on the Beach : Michiru Kaiou

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14 July 2015
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  • ChiaraMina: Aidan, why not do that even those who have the "premium", can make at least a request for a picture, please, please, please ..... designs by God !! Don't delete the comments, please.
    20 Jul 2015 08:53
  • Urameshi: Done sent the new one i hope is everything okay and is not too much trouble for you. One more thing i decided to tell you by comment to not spam your box, if you later can make a second version with Pluto and Kaolinite full nude i appreciate. Moreover please draw Kaolinite dress skirt to the left side for a nice assview do not cover her amazing butt. Use this dress http://orig05.deviantart.net/249e/f/2011/041/4/e/kaolinite_by_kaset218-d3980o5.jpg her fingernails painted black.
    20 Jul 2015 02:46
  • Aidan: <strong>even though the series has ended, this site will cover the whole sailor moon franchise, hence you can request other characters from live action, from original anime, filler characters as long as its from sailor moon</strong>
    19 Jul 2015 11:19
  • Aidan: <strong> sorry for the absence, I got a new laptop and I can't seem to sign in my account there for some reason, though I can log in with my old laptop just fine so its begining to get tedious to work on my new laptop then transfer it to my old one just to post it. but just remember, if ever I take a few days without uploading anything, expect that I will upload 5 or more pic the next day :)</strong>
    19 Jul 2015 10:57
  • Aidan: <strong>uhm..ok i hope you didn't take my reply the wrong way though, members can request 6-8 or more characters, its not a problem to me</strong>
    19 Jul 2015 10:51
  • Lemon: Aidan missed few days on this week and I started thinking he preparing something great about the last episode of Crystal but I was wrong But now other things bother me Crystal has ended and not new pics lately.. Hopefully HK won't close SMpixxx
    19 Jul 2015 06:42
  • Aqua: Sailor Moon Crystal was ended today and now this site is only one what left for SM right now Actually I expected to see a some special present to the last crystal episode or at least any new updates but nothing happened today I feel some sadness about the last episode and some disappointment about another day without fresh pics here
    18 Jul 2015 15:47
  • Urameshi: Hi there mate, well sorry to disappoint you but there's a life out there and i rather to live it than spend every day every time checking out on pixxxsites every single comment and pictures searching for details to use on my next false accusations on random members. And about the links you requests well bad news is i no longer have them but there are a good picture i found while surfing a few sites that caught my interest that i might request here for you. But allow me to ask first may I? bec...
    ause i saw you got some old requests missing and accord to what you said you are on..May requests we are on July.. if is to wait more months again or i have to repost it like 3 or 4 times again to not have my request fulfilled then i rather not waste our time. Besides i'm against any kind of favouritism even in real life i don't want you skipping any old request on your queue because of me i'm not better than anyone. Also let me tell you it's a picture with 6-8 characters included if you can handle then we are okay. On contrary i'll wait cool down the moods around the pixxxsites by what i read things are about to get ugly soon...
    17 Jul 2015 20:52
  • Aidan: oh great you're here! I haven't seen you comment in a while and I'm really sorry I totally got off the track cause those who sent me blank requests before has completely left my mind. Don't worry those who sent me the blank desc. will be my top prio for now, since its my fault for losing the first one you guys sent anyway, <strong>I need you to send me the links of your request again, you can just reply it here, if you can upload it somewhere else it would be better cause I can't view the refe...
    rence pics you sent me, and to clarify, The characters on your request Sailor Pluto and Sailor Moon, right?</strong> Don't worry, the artists here is not going to be in trouble as long as we are keeping the blogs alive :)
    17 Jul 2015 10:59
  • Blackbomb: Aidan and bomberman sorry about the confusion and misundertand already changed my username and submited my request.
    16 Jul 2015 19:16
  • Aqua: OMG Michiru is definetly the queen of the beach It's my favorite Michiru pic from SMpixxx now Lovely swimsuit beautiful girl and perfect boobs Brilliant image !
    16 Jul 2015 18:54
  • Urameshi: I warned you Aidan, I told if you listen what the trolls say you would put yourself in trouble :(. They are here just to troll and flame around pixxxsites members the ones who really support the site and your work. And by the way my request is quite delay too i hope i don't need to get the support as well.
    16 Jul 2015 16:30
  • Aidan: <strong>Hello, Just to clear things up, this is not your request, this is bombermam's. We only refer to our request list made by the premium member's via suggestion box. If this member is capable of submitting a request through the suggestion box then therefore he/she is a paying member regardless of his/her username. If you are worried that I will not do your request due to the similarities of your usernames, I will still do that as long as you have submitted a request. But I have confirmed t...
    hat you did not made any request this May, and I'm only wrapping up last May's request list, I haven't really made any request from June list yet. Sorry for the confusion</strong>
    16 Jul 2015 01:15
  • bomberman: I'm so sorry man i did not mean to 'steal' your name or anything like. I'm new here HentaiKey and i did not know about you sorry it not gonna happen again i'll switch my name. That's why i thought odd my request be totally different from what i asked on narutopixxx. Apologize it's not my fault we are both fans of bomberman :)
    15 Jul 2015 17:56
  • bombermam: No dude I'm the true bomberman and that's you ‘stealing’ my name…How I can prove it ? Very easily ! I'm member for very long time and always I ask beach on the bitch pics for different girls in different swimsuits on Narutopixxx and the last my fulfilled request was: "Bitch on the beach: Samui" she wears this bikini http://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&amp;s=view&amp;id=1972981 You may checking Narutopixxx to confirm it Right now I ask another three bitch on the beach request for Aidan and...
    an and all request I always ask in similar method like previous one
    15 Jul 2015 06:26
  • bomberman: Hey hey hey i think we have a misunderstand or 2 users with the same name or somebody is 'stealing' my name...I believe i ask a blowjob not this one, Aidan how many 'bombersman' requests do you got over there with you? Also please compare our emails and see if we have the same or them are differently. If them are different then we've a fake bomberman here or one of the two...he stole my name or I stole his name lol. I'm almost sure we will have different mails, just compare do not post our m...
    ails here please to prevent others from using them...
    15 Jul 2015 06:02
  • bombermam: Thanks thanks thanks Aidan for this heat-pic This swimsuit perfectly suit Michiru and her boobs looks absolutely amazing Thanks
    14 Jul 2015 17:41