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8 July 2015
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  • Aqua: This is truly so nostalgic It's was one of my favorite episodes from second season of the old anime Ah singing Rei was so gorgeous And must say this is the amazing idea to ask/draw Crystal girls in their clothes from old anime Aidan you must make more pics like this I remembered some guy in comments section here leave link on site in comments for old pics I gonna find it and use it to making one or few new girls/ old dresses combo requests PS brilliant artwork
    8 Jul 2015 18:50
  • sailormoonpixxx: <strong>anytime :)</strong>
    8 Jul 2015 08:53
  • SapFire: Masterpiece this is just freaking masterpiece One of the best pics here Rei outstanding pop-idol Thanks a lot for making my request Aidan
    8 Jul 2015 03:24