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Tags: Hentai, Anime, Artwork, Sailor Neptune, Original, Sven, Sailormoonpixxx,

1 November 2017
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  • LinkAraa: @Mirami don't be so rude to poor Sven, that is not his fault, the queue list is broken and artists can't see and accepting a members requests anymore. That's why he stopped drawing any requests here nd that's why Halloween 2017 was officially fucked up by all pixxx-artists Yes I know Rex is only one who trying to save this situation but he drawing only old Hallowee requests from previous years and still a single Halloween idea from 2017 hasn't been done yet
    4 Nov 2017 10:32
  • Mirami: Harder please - you should to do the same with your job here Sven. Actually I can't get one thing: Does Koala is only one artist who can drawing an members ruqests at this site while you may drawing only stuff that nobody didn't asked because you have nothing better to do and make any requests to you hre is the sam as talk to the wall?
    2 Nov 2017 17:56