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29 June 2015
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  • BtOoOm!: It's very funny but manga fans always talk one and the same thing "In manga inner senshi is much more stronger than in anime !" lol
    1 Jul 2015 17:38
  • Aqua: I must say seems the crystal creators have no idea how modern mahou-shoujo is working even worse they destroyed a some mahou-shoujo principles and basics that old SM founded But you always may ask girls from old anime but you right about new crystal for fans of others sailor scouts and many mahou-shoujo fans won't be happy with the new SM
    1 Jul 2015 03:30
  • sailormoonpixxx: <strong>yes they are all 14-15, age doesn't really matter here in pixxx site as long as they don't look "Too young". And I have to be honest with you, I don't watch the crystals version LOL XD I know I'm terrible, I stopped at ep 10, but the thingy is management wants me to draw crystal version because my style goes with that and it's easier for me to draw. So the only good thing that Crystals does to this site is <em>(in my opinion)</em> they're prettier and look mature, and all over the intern...
    et there are already bunch of sites posting the old sailor moon hentais so doing crystal version is something new and fresh <em>(in my opinion though you can still request the 90s version if you like ;) )</em>. And yeah I do have a fetish in manga style drawings but don't worry I will also post something else on that day so you won't cringe in my artwork for too long ahaha, I decided to make manga style since I only plan on drawings Pin ups / softcore<em> (not sex pic or whatever)</em> you know lingerie, underwear, nude pose, I've been wanting to do that for so long XD.. I've been doing requests all the time I just thought I should have a time to do something for myself, and I like the sailor moon manga it's my favorite style because it has so much details... But long story short, mostly the characters are the only important in pixxx sites regardless if they're boring in the series, because that's the only thing we draw. you can ask for an old version though :)</strong>
    1 Jul 2015 02:12
  • Veltis: LOL What? All girls in Crystal do not even close remind a 14 years old students they looks like a 20 years old top models Well it's good idea to popularize minor underrated characters but draw them in manga style it's not good idea Actually in the crystal all minor characters is boring and flat and villains too. even inner senshi looks a weak shadows of themselves from old anime. in the latest Crystal episodes they are not only super useless they even lost own personalities and looks more like...
    clones each others. as for me now they should change their status into sailor-maids because as sailor senshi they are a absolute 0. Usagi is a queen goddess Mary sue and super-hero while girls is the nothing more than an vocal decorations a useless background and five wheel Honestly from one side I'd want a second crystal season and seeing Sailor Neptune saturn and Uranus but from other side I do not want to see how they gonna turn into the useless decorations like inner senshi right now The crystal creators completely forget that a huge part of sailormoon fandom is exactly a fans of others sailor senshi and make the crystal as the personal series for SailorMoon where she is super strong boss who got 80% of all drama and storyline when others girls is just not very interesting background I guess this one of the main reason why new SailorMoon even not close so popular as the old anime So if you Usagi fan then you'll be love Crystal so much but if you fan of others sailors then a big disappointment waiting for you
    30 Jun 2015 18:53
  • Sage Dallas: This is just freaking brilliant piece of gold no doubts about it ! Thanks very much for your hard work Aidan
    29 Jun 2015 16:39
  • sailormoonpixxx: <strong>of course she's allowed, I drew Chibi moon before so this one is no biggie :D , and her appearance is not a problem since she looks a bit mature for her age, she's 13-ish? and the other sailor scout is 14 so, it's all good, and yeah I wish members would request her, I'm getting too much Ami request lately so it's good to have a variety of characters, That's why I'm planning to post underrated characters every Saturday but in Manga style like the manga cover style in bleachpixxx :)</stron...
    29 Jun 2015 10:44
  • Aqua: Excellent pic and great idea Would be great to see more pics for girls in their casual or special clothes and DP also always appreciated here PS I want ask you about Hotaru SailorSaturn this site exist already a few months but still haven't drawn any pic for her and there is the rule No children but she included in the dropdown character list here So what your plans about Hotaru ? She'll be appears on Sailormoonpixxx or she is illegal here ?
    29 Jun 2015 05:03