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Our Social Life Outside of the School

Tags: Ami, Makoto, Reverse Cowgirl, Minako,

10 August 2015
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  • Aqua: This is their casual dress from 152 episode of old anime and I love it ! http://fukufashion.tumblr.com/tagged/kino+makoto/page/17 A bit shame that Ami's elegant beret was missed but this is not my request so who I am to bitching about it But anyway brilliant idea kira and amazing job Aidan
    13 Aug 2015 12:34
  • kira: Amazing ! this picture is even better than i imagined, Their facials is awesome and their clothes suit them so perfectly and make this pic super hot I love it so much Excellent job Aidan THX very much for doing my request so great :)
    13 Aug 2015 10:04
  • zbober: Nice, where did the outfits come from?
    13 Aug 2015 01:22