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Tags: Hentai, Pixxx, Nude, Sailor Pluto, Setsuna Meoh,

13 May 2015
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  • sailormoonpixxx: <strong>don't worry I have read you're request and it's on my queue, maybe few more request will be done before yours since they posted it first, and my bad for not notifying you guys first since I just thought some members can deliberately not put any description in the suggestion box, I will update you guys from now on ayt? sorry for the inconvenience</strong>
    16 May 2015 17:13
  • Willow: I did put a one request for few weeks ago for a one very rare SM character in the suggestion box and still waiting I starting to worry are you goten my request or maybe some error with suggestion box has happened when I put my request there maybe this same problem happened and with others members too Aidan maybe you should post the whole list of members names which requests you already got in your list This will be very useful to give know to all members how deal going on with their requests an...
    d everyone will be know should or not to repost their request in the suggestion box again After all this is much better than reply to every members who will be worry about own requests
    16 May 2015 16:42
  • sailormoonpixxx: <strong>well I have you know, we H-key artists have locked out and couldn't log in for 3 days, like come on, you know me, I update almost everyday. if you have something else to complain go to our support. they'll explain the other details</strong>
    16 May 2015 16:35
  • Willow: Well this is not funny when you spend three days to make one simple edit for one pic
    16 May 2015 16:27
  • sailormoonpixxx: <strong>hey pubic hair is something you can say disgusting, some people may not prefer it, I had images with pubic hair someone comments on it says it was disgusting okay, I just don't want that, I just draw Sailor Pluto to have Tanlines because she's tan and it suits her, and I don't want to upload another separate pic for pubes then site will be flooded by this same pic</strong>
    16 May 2015 16:00
  • Celto: Well you made a separate version for tan lines, which I assume is something you wanted to add from the way you typed it? So why not just do the same for the pubic hair?
    14 May 2015 21:50
  • sailormoonpixxx: <strong>yeah sorry about that, will update the pussy part later and I reaaaallly want to add pubic hair so bad but I'm waiting for the requester's feedback because he might not like it if I add some because it's not specifically requested </strong>
    14 May 2015 15:26
  • Celto: It literally looks like you forgot to draw her pussy. Any chance for some pubic hair so that area doesn't look so bare?
    13 May 2015 22:54