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Sextsuna with Tan lines *Edit*

Tags: Hentai, Pixxx, Nude, Sailor Pluto, Setsuna Meoh, Tan Line,

13 May 2015
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  • sailormoonpixxx: <strong>don't worry I won't be doing his request for a while, he already got his, I'm skipping the members who already got their requests and get back to theirs once I finished all of the others including yours, right now I've got almost 100 request lined up which is good and I'm grateful for that, since the site is finally getting some views in just 2 months, which started like no one is really interested in (I read forums and comments in other pixxx site) and I'm using the Crystal version sty...
    le on top of that which many people dislike... and I love tan lines because I'm also tan, whats wrong in loving your own skin XD?? so stop judging like I will be favoring him more, I'm here for all of the members, that's my job, Uremeshi just comments a lot, but if everyone else shares a comment well then I'll be glad to open up a conversation or two.</strong>
    16 May 2015 21:52
  • EVA-013: Yeah Eddy another artist share your love to tan lines and that's mean you gonna spam like crazy the suggestion box with tan lines requests combinating with your another favorite fetish high heels by using your multiaccounts power I bet that very soon in the suggestion box will be put a few dozens tan-lines + high-heels requests or they are already in the suggestion box Also Aidan confirmed he'll be do edit of his pics if somebody will be ask him about it and of course you'll be overuse his k...
    indness to ask him edit moderating and fixing almost every pic that he'll be do on your requests because artist must spending a lot time only for yours requests and do it perfectly while the drawing requests for others members will be destroying his as true professional and proving than the treatment remains the same to ALL MEMBERS, privileged some and ignoring many others
    16 May 2015 21:35
  • sailormoonpixxx: <strong>Thank you, you're too kind ^^;</strong>
    16 May 2015 20:26
  • Urameshi: Loved this tan version suits perfectly on Pluto, i even requested one too :D. Lol man you don't need to be upset mistakes happens all the time on all pixxxsites it's not your or requester fault, sites systems gets erros everytime you don't need to be upset because of that. At least you recognized the error and is willing to make up for it unlike some other artists that don't even care if the request went wrong or not...and that's important and very good from your part. If all pixxxsites had s...
    uch artists like you we would be in good hands and our $$$ wouldn't be wasted :D.
    16 May 2015 19:21
  • sailormoonpixxx: <strong>Here's what I have received <em>http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=vz9g5c&s=8#.VVdklfmqqko</em> and alright please repost your request, I'll update you guys in my next blog post if I have receive blank description, I will not entertain request blank description anymore</strong>
    16 May 2015 16:04
  • Kirito-Kun: No no my request is a foursome with Setsuna and Jupter. Perhaps should i repost and you let me know if you received the full description? I must've got some kind of error when i posted my request on suggestion box.
    14 May 2015 16:39
  • sailormoonpixxx: <strong>I'm a bit reluctant on drawing her pussy actually cause I'm also looking at reference pic of a frontal nude and it's not visibly there, so I decided not to, but I'm getting feedbacks on it so might as well edit it, I'm a bit embarrassed now but no harm done (.///.), I will update it soon</strong>
    14 May 2015 15:21
  • spike1941: The body, the facial expression and the sign of the bikini are exciting, but I don't see Setsuna's pussy, have you forgotten to draw it or is your own artistic choice?
    14 May 2015 06:34