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Toaru Kagaku no Railgun Roleplay

Tags: Sailor Mercury, Ami, Usagi, Sailor Moon, Pixxx Hentai,

28 May 2015
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  • MakoNephri: You will never make a hentai picture of Makoto and Nephrite ?! (My English sucks ç^ç )
    4 Jun 2015 05:08
  • sailormoonpixxx: <strong>Oh yeah tentacles aren't allowed either... too bad I'm a fan though</strong>
    1 Jun 2015 18:19
  • sailormoonpixxx: <strong>oh cut me some slack here, whenever I skip a day without a pic update I always submit 2 pics the next day, and we're not required to work on weekends and holidays but I still do sometimes just so you know :/</strong>
    1 Jun 2015 18:17
  • Willow: After those words Sorry for the slow updates, been doing a lot of activities other than being on pixxx site, but no worries! I will still update the same amount of image like in the previous months I did expected at least to see a updates daily to the end of May but you took an another few days break Honestly I just can't understand for what was need to make a such serious announce if you won't planed to do the promised things
    31 May 2015 20:49
  • Willow: Actually I clearly can see a point why they are banned Lolli beastiality guro incest and might ban bdsm rape and lesbian hentai in future Somebody with weak mentally health after watching such kind of hentai may try to realize such ideas in the real life but I have no idea what's wrong with tentacles hentai. Does some lawmakers really think that somebody in the real life can summon or turned into tentacle-monster demon and fuck an every females around ? Some rules really have no sense
    31 May 2015 13:48
  • sailormoonpixxx: <strong>Anytime glad you like it :)</strong>
    31 May 2015 12:41
  • sailormoonpixxx: <strong>I don't think incest requests are banned, I didn't get any memo from the admin about it. and that's just absurd, they're just fictional characters, why would incest be such a big deal. But we do follow certain rules for hentai, we don't come up with this rules it's just a US rule thing about hentai, such as no bestiality, loli and so on... if this site is Japanese I bet everything is allowed lols.... </strong>
    31 May 2015 12:40
  • Fozzy: This not the rule this more like tradition or special content for clients like drawing costumes pics on Halloween and Christmas If some members interesting to see such pics for whole year then why would not By the way about rules I heard HK strictly banned all artists to accepting and fulfilling any of incest requests now is it true ?
    30 May 2015 04:42
  • Sailor X: WOW Just WOW They looks unbelievable great here Thanks Aidan for a this awesome piece of art
    30 May 2015 03:25
  • sailormoonpixxx: <strong>I did not know if that's a rule, I asked Lexus before if it's okay to upload cosplay request and he said it's fine</strong>
    30 May 2015 01:43
  • Fighter Q: Yeah !!! Freakin' good pic ! more cosplay would be just amazing
    29 May 2015 18:37
  • giuyuio: KUROKO SHIRAI AND KAZARI UIHARU thanks.and the anime now it called a certain scientific railgun thanks.
    29 May 2015 09:59
  • Exorcist: So, here can get cosplay and costumes pixxxs but don't wait to Halloween as on others pixxx-sites Now I quite interesting
    29 May 2015 03:57