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Updates!!!!! brought to you by Saphir and Koan

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24 July 2015
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  • Aidan: <strong>Ayt! And thank you so much for confirming that, anyway I have the reference pic now thanks! :)</strong>
    29 Jul 2015 05:57
  • Master J: Hello stranger, how do you do Just look at this http://sailormoonpixxx.com/fucked-in-the-dark/ How you can see I'm member too and I came here before you. Aidan talking to me because it's my imagebam link to my Rubeus/Makoto request is not working So please don't tell that somebody with similar name trying to fool Aidan PS Aidan I don't know why my second imagebam link is not working to then I'll be use the other image-hosting link to my request Hopefully this time everything will be worki...
    ng fine
    28 Jul 2015 17:22
  • Master.G: @Aidan, well one of two then the other is probably a fake one trying to steal my name to get free request made in this site or we have 2 Masters one J and other G(me). It's happening around the sites some people are taking advantage of the 'confusion' happening on the sites now and 'stealing' announced members name for free requests, happend on naruto and bleach you can go check on those sites if you want i can send you the link via the suggestion box. I cannot confirm the email used by the '...
    fake' one first time but i have records on fairytail and narutopixxx with this email and request made on fairytail you can confirm that with those artists. As for IP you must be getting some kind of error i don't have a fixed IP and it changes everyday you'll probably see a different one now and another one next time i post. The only thing that will not change is my email and user name. I'd like to ask you to please check the suggestion box requests, if you have 2 requests from different members Master.G and Master.J, then we have 2 members with similar names. But if you have only one member name Master.G with G not 'j', then you are being fooled by the other one be carefull.
    28 Jul 2015 16:19
  • Aidan: <strong>Hi Master G. I'm looking for Master J, he already had records with us and they're not matching with your current email and IP, though you can confirm this by telling me the first email you used for your past request, if you cannot say this then I can't make the request right away and you'll have to wait. Our records also shows that you share <em>Perverserknight</em> IP address but not <em>Master J's IP</em></strong>
    28 Jul 2015 09:01
  • UzumakiFan: @Aidan ''(but srsly I don't know how premium membership works lol just an idea) ''. Well it depends on which payment method and 'plain' you use on the purchase. If you choose by credit card you can choose 12 months or 1 month subscription. 12 months you pay a single amount and you have an active subscription for a year, the other you pay for a month and it renew automatically unless you go to support CCBill or HK support and ask them to cancel, otherwise the site will keep leeching your money...
    untill you cancel it. I don't know for the other but for SMS pay i'm almost sure you call a number from your cellphone, pay some credits then they send you an access ID and password by SMS that will grant you a limited access for a few hours. That's why some customers uses the expression 'keep paying for nothing' when they don't get them requests done while keep paying. Do you understand?
    26 Jul 2015 03:45
  • Master.G: Is Master.G with a BIG G like one piece :). I'm sending a new referr to you let me know if you received all others remains same. The character i no longer remember, just in case you also don't know the character can use that hot Pertz same girl you used on UzumakiFan's picture.
    25 Jul 2015 18:23
  • Vaxa: So here needs wait three month to get your requests done I had deal with Narutopixxx and must say such short period of waiting It's nothing for me
    25 Jul 2015 13:47
  • zbober: Koan is Hot, keep up the good work!
    25 Jul 2015 00:14
  • Nickky: WOW 268 request in total seems your site gonna beat bleachpixxx soon as the second most popular pixxx-site and HKey really should thinking for the searching of the second artist for this site Inner senshi got 90% of all requests in your queue and why do you surprised about it ? As for me it was very expectable after all they are the main stars of Crystal and old anime and even when open this site the first things what do you see is the Rei Ami Usagi Makoto and Minako here So what do expect afte...
    r it ? But if you needs complains then you should wait to the comments from some disappointed people who awaited the special 100th pic here and seems you promised to bring something special as an anniversary pic but you forget
    24 Jul 2015 20:21