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We are More Than Just Best Friends

Tags: Yuri, Kuri, Yumiko, Dildo,

14 July 2015
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  • Aqua: WOW Two minor sexy chicks got some naughty lesbi games Hopefully this is not the last time they gonna play with sex toys together
    16 Jul 2015 18:53
  • Celto: Due to the color of the dildo which blends in with the fluids, this can easily be mistaken for a futa image (Which by any means is not a bad thing). I think it's best to do dildo's in the future in more darker colors such as Dark Blue, Dark Green, Marine, Turquoise, Orange, Red, Purple and even Yellow so that it's easier to distinguish it from a real penis.
    15 Jul 2015 03:10
  • Yakuzai: Oh man that faptastic lovely art it's even better than I could expected Greatest thanks buddy
    14 Jul 2015 20:13
  • Aidan: <strong>Thank you so much! :)</strong>
    14 Jul 2015 14:37
  • spike1941: It's a fantastic picture Aidan, good job.
    14 Jul 2015 14:29