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Would be great if something like this happens with me in the real life

Tags: Ami, Masturbate, Dildo,

22 September 2015
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  • Aidan: <strong>no need to apologize! it was very kind of to ask actually :) , I think I'm already finished with that one --> http://eb983af15898715.sailormoonpixxx.hentaikey.com/i-wont-tell-mom/ <-- I hope that this is it. It's hard for me to do full frontal while having another character involve, so I hope this is okay to you :( </strong>
    5 Oct 2015 17:25
  • Halibelxxx: Yeah that would be it. Sorry about that Aidan. I will make sure to check the list beforehand from now on.
    3 Oct 2015 13:51
  • Aidan: <strong>Hello sorry fo the late reply, which request are you describing, is it the Shingo x Sailor moon one?</strong>
    3 Oct 2015 08:52
  • Urameshi: Aidan saw your reply on my other comment and here i am thanks for the reply though. But speaking about 'business' i trust you will try your best to fix my request but just in case you are not able i'll request a new one as Halloween theme alike that one. So if you let me know i appreciate, just a friendly advice too, beware to who you listen because not everyone care about you my friend and they will do what they can to harm and put you against those they don't like or support your work. Bewa...
    re with those people. Trolls and Flamers are everywhere is up to you to distinguish them.
    24 Sep 2015 19:38
  • Aki: Haven't commented in a while, but this picture got me good. Nice idea,kek. And your work is flawless as always, Aidan! Keep up the good work.
    24 Sep 2015 13:02
  • Halibelxxx: I would like to make an apology to the artist of this site. I am sorry for the unintentionally spamming in the queue list. You see I thought my description for the requests I was making were getting cutoff. My fault completely. This came to my attention once I started to observe the queue list and see my same requests couple times. I am sorry, I honestly thought my requests where getting cut off and lost. You have my word it will never happen again.
    22 Sep 2015 23:52