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Black Moon's Celebration Ritual

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20 July 2015
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  • zbober: Wow, that many already?
    23 Jul 2015 01:55
  • Lemon: Seems this site going to update by Palcomix method A bunch of pics will be update only the one day of week while others days will be showed nothing It's not very good idea to working in that's way for pixxx-site because this site will be interesting only the one day of week while others days hasn't nothing to do here
    22 Jul 2015 19:55
  • mewtwo: Yes Deidara (Uzu hate to be called Deidara because he hate that character) has a good taste you need to see his girlfriend :).
    22 Jul 2015 18:41
  • UzumakiFan: Hello missy XD and thanks. Yes Aidan drew she very pretty in fact i dare to say he drew she better than the one on anime lol. I just don't know how he did it well... to tell the truth all the girls he's drawing here are prettier than the anime. Next one i'll request she again trying to show more of her beauty and body. And nice too meet you I'm German and my english isn't perfect as well but as long as people are able to read and understand us we are fine young lady :). Bis später...See you :...
    22 Jul 2015 02:51
  • UzumakiFan: It's okay take your time just don't 'forget'.
    22 Jul 2015 02:38
  • Celto: 3 images away from your 100th pinup.
    21 Jul 2015 09:19
  • Aidan: <strong>ah okay, I'll see what I can do, but I will post the revised one maybe August 6, cause the 6th and 21st has always been my schedule for posting revisions, and I can't make it today though :(</strong>
    21 Jul 2015 05:24
  • Aidan: <strong>aw thanks, this is actually my latest work so I think my hand slightly improved? and that's good news to my next batch of requests XD!!</strong>
    21 Jul 2015 04:41
  • ChiaraMina: Leaving aside the fact that there are more female characters, you have good taste! They do not do the same with the male characters ;-; I am a girl, and well ... I do not like vaginas xDDD (A genius.) I'm Italian, so my English sucks, sorry ç_ç
    21 Jul 2015 03:30
  • mewtwo: Nice request my dear friend Uzu i could use this link on my future request if i stay here on pixxxes. And i didn't know you like huge butts lol. Her face is fantastic This is the prettiest face Aidan ever made here on SMpixxx in my opinion. Real nice job you deserve my compliments Aidan.
    21 Jul 2015 02:37
  • UzumakiFan: That's what i call THAT view, is it too much asking to make the butt and legs smaller Aidan? oh and get she to spread the ass (not that much) instead the guy? Plus paint her fingernails same color as her clothing? From waist to up the view is splendid you did a REAL nice job i appreciate so much. Thanks.
    21 Jul 2015 00:55
  • zbober: New character, nice!
    20 Jul 2015 20:39
  • ChiaraMina: ;-; It is not possible that there are only female characters.
    20 Jul 2015 18:07