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Sit with me?

Tags: Makoto Kino, Pin Up,

29 July 2015
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  • Aqua: Amazing and beautiful This is so brilliant idea make Crystal girls wearing some their casual clothes from old anime We definitely needs more pics like that PS Makoto are goddess here
    31 Jul 2015 17:04
  • Urameshi: I didn't said you were favoring me i said 'I don't want any kind of favoritism because i'm not better than anyone and anyone is better than me' perhaps you understand wrong but that's not the case now. I still have one week and half of membership and i do know a request with many characters are not made from day to night so take your time and do your best to not lose the quality. Just telling you if i'm not able to download before my membership ends i'm not purchasing a new one to donwload only...
    an image and besides i don't have any other idea to submit. I expect you understand thanks. And like i said i don't spend 24/7 on hentai sites because unlike others i do have a real life that i intend to live, so, see you within a few days take care.
    30 Jul 2015 21:57
  • Aidan: <strong>Sorry, I told you last time that I would make prio of the ones who have submitted blank description before because I have lost the first one you guys submitted, hence I didn't know what date you originally submitted it. But then you replied as if I'm favoring you above all else which is not true, so I had the impression that you didn't want your request to go first, though you're request is almost up since your request was submitted May 19, I'm currently working May 18, but as originally...
    planned I can make yours now due to that I originally prio the ones that have submitted blank description. But your request is something that can't be done overnight, so if your Sub has expired, I'm certain some member will upload it in other site, you could ask around. Thanks! and sorry for the incovinience</strong>
    30 Jul 2015 05:12
  • Urameshi: Sorry to be bothering you again with that Aidan but another subscription expiring and so far nothing of my request and i'm waiting quite long. If this new membership expires and i not be able to download my request forgive me but i won't be feeding the site again this time, already spent on 2 new subscriptions to submit it for you i guarantee there will not be a third. Thanks for understand plus if i have to resend it again to you i'm out of this site too because i'm not a clown.
    30 Jul 2015 02:24
  • EVA-013: So sexy so elegant and lovely It's perfectly suit her I definetly want to see some hardcore stuff for Makoto in this beautiful clothes
    29 Jul 2015 13:26