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Now I Know Your Real Identity

Tags: Makoto Kino, Pussy Fuck, Asanuma,

26 August 2015
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  • Aidan: <strong>and as far as I'm concern, members keeps the requests box flowing with new requests everyday http://i.imgur.com/DZYjMqN.jpg?1 , no signs of disinterests or whatsoever , nothing has change whether I'm here or not or whether the SM crystal series is finish or ongoing, nothing. Just to be clear on that, SMpixxx is going to stay. is just that the sites fanbase is quiet and peaceful sometimes (which I love) even though this aint a popular series as of today, it's still a hit for HK members a...
    s much as Bleach and Naruto. Don't be so quick to judge</strong>
    1 Sep 2015 01:48
  • Aidan: <strong>Yes I have received the Akame ga Kill Request, I'll report that glitch</strong>
    1 Sep 2015 01:31
  • Aidan: <strong>I actually adore the new suggestion box, no more fake usernames, no more false identity no cheating. I just have another project but not here in HK though, I am a freelancer Graphic artist/web designer after all, need to keep my cash flowin' know I'm sayin'? I don't see why you come up with HK closing, I always keeping you up with new drawing you know everyday, so chill</strong>
    1 Sep 2015 01:22
  • Cyborg: Seems HK going to abort this site in future for obvious reasons; members visitors and Aidan itself just lost interest to this project, look how low activity here lately and compare to the activity here few months ago. Even Aidan do not interesting to support elementary feedback anymore and talking to few people who still have some interest to his job I guess the problem with the suggestion box is nothing more than the sabotage from HK; they gonna to close this site soon and the new suggestions...
    from current members is not allowed here anymore
    28 Aug 2015 07:25
  • ChiaraMina: :333
    26 Aug 2015 22:48
  • EVA-013: HI Aidan I have some question - Do you got my Halloween themed request ? I sent this request in the Xbox but the confirmation Your form was successfully submitted. is not arrived as usual it's going on Something happened with the Sbox ? PS great pic and interesting couple
    26 Aug 2015 17:47