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16 January 2016
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  • Aidan: I don't blame you if you didn't know, but I suggested this one, If you haven't notice fozzy, I have yet to stumble upon a Queen serenity request in my queue and since lexus is not here to take any request yet, I made him draw that... LOL and basic my ass...Bet if you're the artist you can't even draw any other features that distinguish the difference between usagi to serenity and mamoru to Endymion except for their clothes. I know their difference..I said I didn't know how before because it's di...
    fficult to translate it in a pic that won't cause any confusion Like Lexus and Joe who don't watch bleach, I don't follow Sailor Moon much, and we're not paid to do so
    17 Jan 2016 11:23
  • Fozzy: Because this is not Aidan's art, this one been made by lexus surely while Aidan can't tell the difference between Mamoru to Endymion and Usagi to Serenity It's even not funny the freelanced artist known better the basic of Sailormoon than artist who are leading on this site
    17 Jan 2016 09:43
  • ChiaraMina: Me too
    16 Jan 2016 19:04
  • phextens: I'm shocked this is the first Neo Queen Serenity appearance on this site.
    16 Jan 2016 18:52