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Tags: Berthier, Black Moon Clan, Spectre Sisters, Koan Calavaris,

19 January 2016
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  • Lexus: <strong>sure thing!
    10 Feb 2016 13:34
  • Orangotango: Glad you are here Lexus!!! I've a request dropped to Aidan i just 're-adresssed' it to you okay? Please let Aidan know WHEN you make it. IF you do of course :).
    29 Jan 2016 00:19
  • phextens: I defiantly agree it's good to see when under appreciated characters get some spot light.
    19 Jan 2016 15:17
  • Aidan: that's great and all, but we're only artist ... we are only paid to draw, if they pay us extra then sure! we do the maintenance of the site and what not, but with our little pay.. I don't think so. I'm fine whatever they do in the sites, it's not really our (the artist's)call. if you want you can contact support team for that suggestion. thanks! but a request clean up would be nice though
    19 Jan 2016 14:25
  • Zoomer: I have nothing against a rare underrated characters but would been way better if they would be included in some action After all this a third pic from lexus where girls do nothing just posing It's getting boring Another note In the crystal all black moon sisters became a monster of day aka one episode. Nothing wonder that they are soo underrated in this site. About requests. You should reload/clean up your suggestion box and start working with requests from current members or start consi...
    dering the requests that been made in 2016. You already must been noticed many members is not members or even visitors of this site anymore but hundreds their requests still waiting in the suggestions box while current members do not interesting make any requests here because this have any sense. If you today you make requests here than you'll be waiting few years to see it How many members will be interesting have deal with this site ?
    19 Jan 2016 12:49
  • Aidan: my bad, I suggested this also (including the pose) .___. .. I want to highlight the spectre sisters ( they are soo underrated in this site) and kinda abuse lexus for having the "not taking any request yet" privilege..
    19 Jan 2016 12:13
  • Zoomer: Great another sweet softcore stuff like legal images on devianart from lexus. How about bring something more hardcore that will be more suiting to hentai-site here ? Still no ! Ok, Will be waiting the Aidan's comeback
    19 Jan 2016 11:32