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Halloween - SOS Brigade [Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu]

Tags: Ami, Threesome, Rei, Mamoru, Cosplay,

7 October 2015
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  • Manmademike: I've been wanting a request for a while and enjoyed the pictures from here. I'm usually checking daily if something happens :/
    30 Oct 2015 21:07
  • Aqua: Does I'm only one who still interesting what's going with this site and Aidan ?
    30 Oct 2015 20:30
  • EVA-013: Losing Aidan is the begin of falling Sailormoonpixxx It's almost impossible somebody so cool and skilled as Aidan for this site. And seems Aidan is not the last lost for HK in this month. Seems lexus is not gonna have deal with them anymore too What an irony, one of the favorite month among members slowly turned into the worst month for members
    22 Oct 2015 16:45
  • Phexse: Sucks that after barely discovering this site it's already down the leading artist. Maybe I'll cancel my membership and return if they get someone who can develop the quality I've seen on here.
    22 Oct 2015 04:49
  • EVA-013: So they are confirmed that they lost contact with Aidan have no idea what happened with him This is remind me story with Ellery so much And so they gonna do with pixxx-sites without artist ? Wait month to get that they lost artist and then waste a lot time to find replacement for him ? Aidan was great artist who could support daily updates I highly doubts that HK could find decent artist on his place especially when they still can't find any good artist for Fairytailpixxx Ferds do not very in...
    teresting work there
    22 Oct 2015 03:57
  • spike1941: I have sent a message to Kevin (HK support) and He's said me that the site will not be removed... But he hasn't spoken about Aidan.
    21 Oct 2015 06:56
  • Huston7: So this site is dead or Aidan said goodbye HentaiKey, right ? My congratulations it's the new record, SailorMoonpixxx had existed less than 6 months before so suddenly dead
    19 Oct 2015 17:54
  • Fozzy: No new pics here no any news from Aidan and annonces from HK I have bad feelings that they gonna abort this site or already did it and keep all us in darkness because do not want have deal with several mad members
    17 Oct 2015 03:25
  • Kastro: This long Aidan's break are starting scaring me. I know this is Halloween and good time for the horror and scary things for fun but this has gone too far and not fun anymore
    16 Oct 2015 16:29
  • Phexse: I hear that... only reason I got an account was for this site. I'm hoping for an explosion of pics soon.
    15 Oct 2015 06:36
  • 5ive: Already more than one week no one updates wasn't made Some announce or explanation would be not bad to let members know what happened with Aidan and when should expect the new pics here
    15 Oct 2015 04:00
  • AlexIS: My Halloween's gift so sweet and yummy especially hottie Rei I love it so freaking much Thank you Aidan for this brilliant image
    8 Oct 2015 15:59
  • glamorus: Hi Aidan Sorry for broken link but I wouldn't mind if you'll be choice your own idea for the pose Surprise me man :)
    7 Oct 2015 18:54