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24 September 2015
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  • Aqua: Hi Aidan long time no see ! I don't made any comments here for awhile because I was pretty busy for latest months and I got serious problems with my poor PC but I watched on this site for all this time and enjoyed of yours amazing work Thank you very much for this excellent image Girls looks so sexy and hot especially Michiru with twin-tails and Ami with eyepatch simply unmatched This is probably my pic for this Halloween although I wouldn't mind to ask something for this Halloween but you pro...
    bably won't accept it in any way for obvious reasons Thank you very much for Queue-list This is very useful and great idea Now every member may know when approximately his request will be done and how long he must wait, everyone can look at requests others members and maybe take some interesting details from others members requests to own ideas For example I very happy to see that many requests for my favorite theme "Crystal girls wears their clothes from old anime". Tears of joy PS It's sad to hear that you have a some problems with health Hopefully you'll be fine soon and keep making your fantastic job here Cheers and thank you again XD
    27 Sep 2015 10:18
  • fish1337/Don: GOD pluto looks soooo HOT! take a break we are satified with this pic for the next days^^
    24 Sep 2015 20:26
  • Aidan: Hi guys! I just need a straightforward answer if you like the whole October prioritize cosplay/halloween theme request,<strong> Thumbs up this comment if you do</strong>, <strong>Thumbs down if you want me to resume request in order as per queue-list</strong>, you have a week to spam me with thumbs up/thumbs down. I'll check this comment again first day of October to see the result, Cheers! (’ω’)
    24 Sep 2015 20:00