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Tags: Double Penetration, Michiru Kaiou,

13 August 2015
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  • Aidan: <strong>It means drawings are done days in advance and I have it queued in the site to be posted in there designated schedule, I'm inactive because I don't frequently visit the site anymore, that I can't entertain most of the comments.</strong>
    17 Aug 2015 01:15
  • Aidan: <strong>it means drawings are done days in advance and I just let the site upload it for me because I'm not around that much anymore</strong>
    17 Aug 2015 01:09
  • zbober: Yeah, good pic but very confused about the PS part
    15 Aug 2015 20:48
  • Bryan: Amazing beautiful image for hot lovely schoolgirl Magnificent artwork Aidan thanks very much
    14 Aug 2015 16:40
  • ChiaraMina: Although I am a female, I love to die this! Congratulations Aidan! Keep going! (especially with males :* )
    13 Aug 2015 22:33
  • Celto: "All post are on queue, artist is not really active in this site, will try to answer comments on weekends" Are you sure you're talking about the right artist? As far as I can see, Aidan is fairly active throughout the week unless something has come up, to which he openly let's us know about in the description. if anything, I'd say that applies more to ferds than it does Aidan. He's BARELY active at all
    13 Aug 2015 21:08